"Noble Deeds" The Series

The original work is a Unique Encaustic Mixed Media Work, ranging from 4 to 8 feet The Art Of ©Ben Fink. Limited edition, signed and numbered prints are available in the sizes of 16 x 20 and 20 x 30" on your choice of canvas or watercolor paper. To place an order please email me, at benfinat@gmail.com.

"Noble Deeds" The Series

"Nobel Deeds" is based on my work Following and Documenting The Various International Imperial Courts of the Americas

The Imperial Court is the oldest Gay fundraising / Social organization, According to a short history from the collection, the Imperial Courts (or the "Imperial Court system") originated in San Francisco in 1965 as gay community social events with a camp Imperial theme; the annual main event featured the coronation of elected monarchs (a king and queen) who then selected a royal court. Imperial Court events soon assumed a more serious purpose (community-oriented fundraising), while retaining their irreverent and festive spirit. It has now grown to over 70+ courts throughout the Americas

The imperial court system is instrumental in many endeavors such as spearheading the Harvey Milk stamp, as well as a Navy Ship for Milk, who was the first elected gay official in California appropriately named U.S.N.S. Harvey Milk, The courts have set up college funds for LGBTQ communities, fund The Matthew Shepard Foundation, and set up the equivalent of Toys For Tots, because early on the Marine Corps would not accept Toys from openly gay organizations.

This is a group of men and women who come together to raise money for organizations and individuals in need. The group is mainly made up of LGBTQ Community members, but not exclusively. In the 50s men couldn’t wear drag, because, it was illegal. Early on in the loosely organized group, they would meet in people's homes or private clubs. Later on, In the 80s they were instrumental In helping through the Aids crisis feeding and helping house people in need. As times have changed so has the group's focus, putting their attention where it's most needed. Even today They're helping out Individuals In the current crisis of The Coronavirus, Helping support people who are out of work putting food on the table especially when there are kids involved. The court has also played an Intercal role in the legalization of gay marriage, and currently, they are fighting for trans rights.

Annually each court has a coronation where they nominate or elect An Emperor and Empress to rein for that year. In which the new Emperor and empress will choose their own personal court in charge of these “Nobel Deeds"

I'm traveling around to different chapters of the organization capturing groups and individuals In hopes of doing a book that brings this group into the spotlight. We are currently shooting stills as well as motion to put together a short documentary alongside that book.

In the last 4 years, I've been documenting, and my vision has evolved from photographing people in the environment of the coronation to creating an environment post-shoot to craft more of a fantasy world. This is about changing the sometimes harsh outer world in which we are given into one of our own choosing. Just like the organization I'm taking on the same role as a photographer, changing our perspective and direction towards a brighter and more crafted future, one of our own making, where everyone, no matter how different you are, can still find a place of acceptance love and family.